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Make two-factor authentication required
Make two-factor authentication required

Paid Plan, team administrator

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In addition to using your normal password when logging into CloudSign, two-factor authentication can also be used which uses a one-time password issued by a smartphone application.

What you can do with the two-factor authentication

Using this function significantly enhances security by preventing unauthorized access, even in the event that your password is used maliciously by a third party.

Note that two-factor authentication is set to “Optional” by default.

When team administrators set this to “Required,” all members in a team will be required to use two-factor authentication.


  • Two-factor authentication will no longer be available if you change or lose your device.

  • Encouraging members to use “Save backup code in Manage Settings Screen after enabling two-factor authentication” is recommended.

  • With the Business Plan, Enterprise Plan, two-factor authentication is not available while the SSO (Single Sign-on) function is being used.

Operation method

1. Go to “Team settings” in the Manage Settings Screen.

2. Select “Required” for “Two-factor authentication” and click “Save.”

3. CloudSign’s two-factor authentication uses the following smartphone applications. Please advise members to download this application in advance.

4. This completes the process for setting two-factor authentication for the team.

A notification email will be sent to all members in the team after “Required” is selected. Members will be required to configure the default two-factor authentication settings the next time they log in, and will be able to log in after completing the settings. See here for details on how to configure settings for members.

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