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I want to amend or cancel documents that have already been sent
I want to amend or cancel documents that have already been sent
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The content of documents that have already been sent cannot be amended or canceled.

An electronic signature that prevents tampering is applied to sent documents. CloudSign ensures the credibility of documents by applying electronic signatures.

Accordingly, documents that are amended after an electronic signature has been applied are considered to have been tampered with, and their credibility cannot be assured. This means that documents cannot be modified or amended after they have been sent.

To send documents again, try one of the two following methods.

Making corrections to the document content, such as the recipient (non-existing email address) or input fields

Please perform the steps below.

1. Cancel the document you have sent

2. After canceling, recreate the document and resend it

Changing the person consenting to the contract

“I wanted to send a document to Mr./Ms. A, but accidentally sent it to Mr./Ms. B ”

“The person I sent a document did not have the right to conclude agreements, so I want to send it to a member with the appropriate rights”

The forwarding function can be used to achieve the cases outlined above.

The forwarding function is a function that allows the recipient of documents you send to forward those documents to another recipient with the appropriate rights, if you have allowed forwarding when sending the documents. Note that the forwarding function is allowed by default.

The forwarding function can be used if the sender is subscribed to the Paid plan.

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