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Managing documents
Checking the status of documents
Checking the status of documents
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The progress status of documents can be checked by viewing the status.

See here for details of the status list.

Visualizing progress status

This feature can be used when the sender sends a file with multiple recipients for a contract to be concluded by 3 or more parties, or when specifying internal and external work flows. When multiple recipients are specified, the following can be verified in a central manner.

  • How many of the recipients have consented to the document so far

  • Whether or not the recipient has opened the document

  • Date and time the document was opened

Where status is visible

1. Document list screen

Log into CloudSign and click “Being verified by recipient” from the side bar on the left. The status of each document can be verified in the list.

2. Document overview screen

Clicking any document in “1. Document list screen” allows more detailed information to be checked, including a preview of the sent PDF file and the date and time each recipient consented to the document.

For the sender, the URL term of validity for the recipient document and the reminder button are also visible.

3. Manage documents screen

With the Paid Plan or higher, the status of documents that members have sent and received can also be checked.

The “document administrator” can check from the Management Screen.

The status can also be filtered. See here for more details.

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