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Viewing and copying details entered into the text fields
Viewing and copying details entered into the text fields
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Details entered into “text fields” specified in documents can be viewed and copied in the document overview screen after a contract has been concluded.

Using this function makes it easy to visually check information entered by parties such as business partners, including the name of business partners, transaction amount, date of contract, or whether or not automatic renewal is enabled.

How to view text fields

Details entered into “text fields” can be checked after documents have been concluded.

Access each document outline screen from “Concluded documents” or “Manage documents*” to display the details entered into “text fields” below the document information section.

* “Manage documents” is only displayed for “document administrators” subscribed to the Paid Plan.

“Labels,” “Entered text fields,” and “Entered by” are displayed in order from the left.

How to copy text fields

Select and copy the range you want to copy, and paste it into the field you want.

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