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Use CSV files as a convenient way to create documents
Use CSV files as a convenient way to create documents

Paid Plan

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The “Bulk sending function” that is available for customers subscribed to the Paid Plan or higher involves using a CSV file to send documents to multiple recipients with a single click.

With the bulk sending function, using CSV files makes creating and sending documents more convenient, even for a small number of recipients ranging from a single sending to several sendings.

Reduce workload for creating documents by sharing templates with members

Sharing bulk sending templates on CloudSign together with separate CSV files containing recipient and other details can help to reduce the workload for anyone creating similar types of documents. Once a template is created, documents can be sent by simply entering details into the CSV file, without having to specify the recipients or input fields on CloudSign. See here for details on how to share templates.

Create documents using data in CSV files exported from other software applications or business systems

The bulk sending function uses CSV files to enter the recipients and input fields of documents. For example, if you are able to export CSV files from software applications used at your company, you can copy and paste this data into the CSV file used by CloudSign without having to enter “text fields” each time you create a document. Please consider using Web API for using CloudSign even more seamlessly.

Specifying access code in bulk

Access codes can also be specified with the bulk sending function. Similarly to recipients and input fields, access codes can also be specified in the CSV file. This is performed in familiar applications like Excel by copying and pasting to simplify the process.

Send all reminders without missing any recipients

Reminders need to be sent for each document when using ordinary sendings. Sending documents using the bulk sending function means you can “Send all reminders” to recipients you sent documents to.

Instead of having to check the status of each document, you can send confirmation request emails again as a bulk for documents that are still being verified by recipients. This means you can send all reminders without missing any, as it eliminates the need to check the status of each document.

See here for more details.


  • The batch sending function is available for use with the Paid Plan or higher.

  • The batch sending function cannot currently be used with the Sharing function or the Add message function to the document sending email.

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