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How transmissions are counted/When charges apply
How transmissions are counted/When charges apply
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With CloudSign, the number of documents sent is counted when you press the “Send” button in the final step of the Sending documents process.

An electronic signature that prevents tampering is applied at the same time that you press the “Send” button, so it is counted as a sent document even if it is not successfully concluded due to it being rejected or canceled.

The following processes are counted as one transmission.

When multiple recipients are specified


  • Sender: Taro Cloud at Cloud, Co., Ltd.

  • Recipient_1: Hanako Cloud at Cloud, Co., Ltd.

  • Recipient_2: Jiro Sign at Sign, Co., Ltd.

Uploading multiple documents and sending to the same recipient


  • Basic outsourcing contract

  • Non-disclosure contract

When canceled or rejected

  • If there are errors in the document and it is canceled or rejected

  • The recipient’s email address was incorrect and they did not receive it, so the document was canceled or rejected

Note that the Reminder function is not included in the number of transmissions counted. This function can be used as many times as required.

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