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With the Business Plan, the confidential function can be used to send confidential documents.


  1. Getting Started

  2. Sending confidential documents

  3. Features

Confidential documents are documents that can only be viewed and managed by people related to the document or those with confidential document administrator rights, to prevent the files from being viewed unintentionally by other members.

Normally the document administrator is able to view and manage all the documents of members within their own team.However, confidential documents can only be viewed and managed by the sender, recipient and members in each team with “confidential document administrator rights.”


  • The “Confidential function” for sending confidential documents is available with the Business Plan.

  • Receiving, viewing and managing confidential documents is possible with plans other than the Business Plan.


Personnel Affairs Department




Personnel Affairs Department Manager


Document administrator rights


Confidential document administrator rights


Personnel affairs document




Send as confidentially




Cannot view


Can view


Sales Department




Sales members


Document administrator rights


Sales Department Manager


Document administrator rights


Confidential document administrator rights

1. Getting started

To use the confidential function, the team administrator must enable the required settings.

  1. Log into CloudSign, click your name at the top right → click “Go to Manage Settings Screen” to enter the Manage Settings Screen.

  2. Go to the “Team settings” page.

  3. In the “Send confidential documents” item at the bottom of the team settings page, select enable and save the changes.

2. Sending confidential documents

Confidential documents can be specified in “04 Check details being sent” of the send document screen.

1.Click the envelope icon.

2.You can select do/don’t send as confidential document

3.If you select “send as confidential document,” it will appear in the options. This completes the settings.

If you do not wish to send the document as confidential after clicking “send as confidential document,” you can operate from the envelope icon or the “edit settings” or trash symbol on the left.

  • If you click the envelope icon

  • If you click “edit settings”

  • If you click the trash symbol


  • Confidential documents cannot be sent using the bulk sending function.

  • Confidential document settings cannot be saved as a template.

  • To change to confidential documents after pressing the send button, the sending needs to be canceled and the document created again.

  • If the forwarding function is used, the forwarding recipient also receives a notification regarding confidential documents.

Confirmation request email

  • [Confidential] will be included in the title and “confidential document” will be mentioned in the body.

Document Verification Screen

  • After clicking the URL to check the document, the screen will mention “confidential document”

3. Features

Using the confidential function in the following types of situations means contract duties can be conducted in a more appropriate manner.

  • Personnel affairs documents to be viewed only by the recipient due to their sensitive content

If the Personnel Affairs Department team and Sales Department team are using CloudSign separately

Sales Department teams need to view documents of other members, so everyone has document administrator rights

When the Personnel Affairs Department sends personnel affairs documents to members of the Sales Department,

all Sales Department team members would be able to view and manage the member’s personnel affairs document as they all have document administrator rights

Confidential document administrator rights is granted to only the Sales Department Manager

who is the only member of the Sales Department team with the rights to view personnel affairs documents

When personnel affairs documents are sent by the Personnel Affairs Department as confidential documents,

they can only be viewed and managed on the recipient’s end by the actual recipient and the confidential document administrator of the Sales Department team

  • Sales documents to be viewed only by a specific staff in charge at the recipient client’s end

Sender: Company A / Recipient: Company X Each is using CloudSign

Recipient: Company X also has members with document administrator rights other than the specific staff in charge

Sending confidential documents means only the specific staff in charge + members at Company X with confidential document administrator rights

can view and manage the document

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