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Cancel a sent document
Cancel a sent document
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After sending a document, if you want to make amendments due to errors in the document or entering the incorrect recipient, you can cancel the document.

The canceled document cannot be reused, so you will need to create and send a new document with amended content.

Note that the canceled document will be moved to the “Rejected” folder and cannot be deleted.


Operation Method

1. Select the relevant document in “Being verified by recipient.”

2. Click “Cancel document” at the top right

3. The reason for canceling can be entered if necessary.

Click “Confirm cancellation” to complete the cancellation process.

Notification of Cancellation

The following members will receive a cancellation notification.

  • Document sender

  • Recipients who have received a confirmation request email

  • Sharing recipients


  • Only the sender can cancel the sent document. The document administrator cannot operate the cancellation. Please check here for rejecting received documents.

  • There is no “Cancel document” button shown in “Manage documents” of the “Management Screen.”

  • Sending fees are incurred at the time that documents are sent, so fees will apply even if a document is canceled.

  • Up to 1000 characters can be entered as the reason for canceling.

  • If multiple recipients are specified in the routing order, recipients who have not yet received a confirmation request email will not receive a cancellation notification email.

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