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I want to amend or cancel documents that have been concluded
I want to amend or cancel documents that have been concluded
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Amending or canceling contracts once the agreement has been concluded is not possible whatsoever. 

An electronic signature that prevents tampering is applied to sent documents. CloudSign ensures the credibility of documents by applying electronic signatures.

Accordingly, documents that are amended after an electronic signature has been applied are considered to have been tampered with, and their credibility cannot be assured. This means that documents cannot be amended after they have been sent.

There is also no function available to “delete (destroy)” documents that have been concluded.

This is due to the fact that contract documents, by their very nature, are at risk of being destroyed by one of the parties involved.

In order to amend or cancel concluded documents, a memorandum of correction or a memorandum of contract cancellation must be concluded.

To prevent situations like these from occurring, PDF files with all input fields already entered can be uploaded for you to try out. Contracts become valid when parties click the “Agree to document contents,” even if no “text fields,” “stamps,” “checkboxes” or other input fields are required.



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