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The “Email address is incorrect” error is displayed
The “Email address is incorrect” error is displayed
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When creating documents, the “メールアドレスが正しくありません(Email address is incorrect)” error message may be displayed when adding a recipient.


The error may be caused by one of the following.

  1. The at symbol (@) is entered as a full-width character

  2. There is no response from the domain, or cannot verify if the domain exists

  3. The email address violates the RFCs that make up global standards


For 1.

Check again that there are no mistakes with the entered address

For 2.

Send test emails directly without using CloudSign and check again that the emails are being sent and received normally. (Please check after this error message is displayed.)

For 3.

If the email address does not comply with RFC standards, please request the recipient to use a different email address.

CloudSign is not designed for transmissions from non-RFC compliant email addresses. 


Typical cases that violate global RFC standards

  • A period (.) has been entered immediately before the at symbol (@) or at the start of the email address

  • Multiple periods (.) have been entered before the at symbol (@)

  • The email address contains the following symbols ( ) , . : ; < > @ [ ] " \

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