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Effects of changing item names
Effects of changing item names

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If you are using the Enter user defined document information function, please beware that changing existing item names will have the following effects.

Caution: changing item names may affect the results of searches.

Change item name

The document information is not changed, even when changing the item name. There may be inconsistencies in search results.

When you change an existing item name, the information you entered for that item remains and is not deleted. As such, information before and after the change may show in search results.


Example of changes

Before the change, Item 1 is specified as “Date,” and each member enters information of the “Date.”

Afterwards, the administrator changes Item 1 to “Name of staff in charge.” Subsequently, members enter information of the “Name of staff in charge” into the same item.

Effects on searches

Information linked to Item 1 includes both “Date” and “Name of staff in charge” information.

As a result, searching for “Name of staff in charge (Item 1)” will also show data that contains dates.

The above outlines how document information is not changed even after changing item names, and there may be inconsistencies in search results. Please be careful when specifying or changing item names.

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