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This page outlines some common questions regarding CloudSign payment.

For any other questions, inquire using the Chat screen at the bottom right of CloudSign.

Q: What brands of cards can be used?

A: The following cards can currently be used.



   ・Cards issued by Credit Saison Co., Ltd.

Q: What is the timing for receiving funds?

A: Closed 3 times per month (10th, 20th, last day), and payment are made after 5 business days.

Q: Are there any transfer fees oOther than payment commissions?

A: Transfer fees are covered by our company.

Q: If the recipient has selected installments, are funds also received in installments?

A: Funds are transferred as a lump sum.

Q: Can the sender specify the number of installments for the recipient?

A: The sender is not able to specify payment installments.

Q: Can the number of installments be changed after documents have been concluded?

A: Unfortunately this cannot be changed.

 Please note that the number of installments remains the same as before documents are concluded.

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