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Requesting input into text fields, stamps, and checkboxes
Requesting input into text fields, stamps, and checkboxes
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The sender can specify input fields in uploaded PDF files using “03 Specify input fields.” After specifying input fields in the document, select who should enter information, such as the “sender” or the “recipient.”


Input fields

  • Text fields

  • Checkboxes

  • Stamps

Text fields

Optional texts can be entered into text fields.

  • Labels are only available for text fields.

  • If text fields are used, information must be entered.


Only checkboxes can be specified as optional or required.

  • When sender is requested to enter the checkbox.

This checkbox is selected by default.

  • When recipient is requested to enter the checkbox.

The following can be selected.

  • Select checkbox to apply as default (checkbox is selected by default)

  • Make item required (must select checkbox to consent to document)


Stamps are pseudo-stamps that are created by entering characters.

  • Images of seals cannot be uploaded.

  • CloudSign stamps do not have any direct relation to credibility.


An agreement is successfully concluded when the recipient checks and consents to the PDF files sent by the sender, even without specifying input fields (checked PDF files are applied with an electronic signature that indicates the consent of both parties, and this prevents the documents from being tampered with).

As such, documents can also be sent with all items filled out, without specifying any input fields.

Note that the stamp available with this service is simply a pseudo-stamp that conforms to common business practices, and does not have any direct relation to credibility.

The following usage of checkboxes is recommended.

  • When concluding application forms or purchase orders using CloudSign, users can quickly select plans and options by selecting checkboxes

  • Making users select a required checkbox with a statement like “I have read and understand the terms and conditions. ” is one way of verifying that the other party fully read the terms

Text field items can be copied, and entered labels or the person who entered the text can also be verified.

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