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Processing refunds
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Orders can be canceled or partially refunded using “Cancel” in “Subsequent processes.”

If a cancellation is processed after the sales is processed, the canceled amount is refunded to the purchaser via the credit card company.

* The refund method and the description shown on statements differ depending on the card used by the purchaser.

Operation method

1.Use Search transactions to find the transaction for which you want to process a cancellation.

2.Click the transaction ID for which you want to process a cancellation.

3. The credit card transaction history screen is displayed. Check that you have selected the correct transaction, enter the amount of the cancellation you want to process, and click the cancel button.

  • About partial cancellations

As long as the amount is within the amount of the processed sales, it can be changed to process the cancellation.

Specify the amount to refund in the cancellation amount field. If the credit limit is canceled, the entire amount will be canceled so the amount field is not displayed.

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