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Issuing a Client ID

Standard Plan,Corporate Plan,Business Plan,Enterprise Plan

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Using a Client ID allows you to use various linked services, or link the work flow you are using with CloudSign.

Multiple Client IDs can be issued. Multiple services can be used with a single Client ID, however issuing and using a different Client ID for each service is recommended.

Operation method

1. From the Manage Settings Screen, go to “ クライアントID(Client ID) ” and click “ 新しいクライアントIDを発行する(Issue new Client ID) ” to issue a Client ID.

2. This completes the procedure for issuing a Client ID.

If "Client ID" is not displayed, you need to apply to use Web API with the target plan.

For applications and inquiries, please use chat support from the "?" At the bottom right of the cloud sign screen.

Client IDs that you are no longer using can be deleted using the trash icon on the right.

Please note that deleting linked Client IDs also cancels any associated links.

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