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Checking and consenting to received documents (smartphone)
Checking and consenting to received documents (smartphone)
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This page explains how to check and consent to documents received on a smartphone.


  1. Operation Method

  2. Detailed Operation Method

    1. When input fields have been specified by the sender

    2. When ”text fields” or “stamps” have been specified

    3. When “checkboxes” have been specified

    4. Forwarding received documents

    5. Receiving documents with high-level authentication requests specified

Operation method

1. Tap the link in the “Confirmation Request” email you received from CloudSign.

  • Tapping the link in the email opens up a screen for checking documents.


  • URLs for checking documents are valid for a period of 10 days from when they are generated.

  • If the term of validity has expired, contact the sender to send you a reminder (resend the email).

  • If “No viewing rights” is displayed, tap here for solutions.

For HTML emails

For text emails

2. Read through the terms of use, and tap the “Agree to terms of use to check document” button.

3. Check through the content of the document when it is displayed.

4. After entering the required input fields and checking the content, tap the “Consent to document.”

  • Multiple documents may have been specified, so scroll down to check all documents.

5. Another confirmation screen will be displayed, so tap the “Agree and finalize” button.

6. This completes checking and consenting to documents.

  • An electronic signature is applied to the consented PDF file, and is sent as an attachment to an email. (the file can also be accessed from the “Confirm document” link) See here for more details.

Detailed Operation Method

 [When input fields have been specified by the sender]

  • Tap the “text field” and “stamp” to enter the required details, and tap the appropriate checkboxes for any required “checkboxes.”

  • Input fields are specified as necessary by the sender, and documents may be sent without any fields.

[When ”text fields” or “stamps” have been specified]

  • Tapping “Enter” brings up the smartphone onscreen keyboard so that you can enter text.

  • With this service, documents are actually concluded when all parties click the “Consent” button, and the “stamp” is simply a pseudo-stamp that conforms to common business practices.

[When “checkboxes” have been specified]

  • Tapping “Check” selects that checkbox. Tapping the checkbox directly also makes the checkbox selected.

[Forwarding received documents]

  • Forwarding the actual confirmation request email you receive will not leave any record on CloudSign or within the electronic signature of the document being forwarding or parties actually consenting to the document.
    As such, forwarding the actual confirmation request email is not recommended.

  • Using CloudSign’s forwarding function makes it possible to leave a record of information like these, allowing approvers to conclude agreements while retaining maximum credibility of those concluded documents.

    If you want to forward documents, see the following links for the method.

[Receiving documents with high-level authentication requests specified]

  • If you have received a document with the high-level authentication request function specified, you will not be able to view the documents on your smartphone. Please view them using a PC. See here for more details.

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