Bulk sending function

Paid plan, available with β version

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With CloudSign, hundreds or thousands of forms can be created at once and sent as a batch.

Bulk create document function

This function allows CSV files to be imported for contracts with different text fields such as names, amounts and payment deadlines, or conditions specific to individual contracts, to automatically create a large number of contracts instantly.

Bulk sending function

With CloudSign, automatically created contracts can be sent to hundreds or thousands of business partners as a bulk sending with a single click.

Using this function reduces the time and effort required to create and send large numbers of documents when concluding similar contracts with many business partners, like in the following examples:

  • Updating employment contracts for several thousand contract employees hired by your company

  • Concluding new consent forms for handling of personal information with hundreds of companies

  • Concluding individual contracts for distributing stock options to all company employees

For the time being, this function is available for no additional fee as a β version for customers subscribed to the Paid plan.

Note that fees for the number of documents sent will still be incurred as per the usual “Number of sending” counted for sending documents. For example, using this function to send documents to 100 people will incur fees for 100 sendings. (there is no upper limit to the number of sendings.)

See here for details on the operation method.

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