When registering a new Free Plan account, the “このメールアドレスは登録できません。貴社管理者までご確認ください。(This email address cannot be registered. Check the details with the administrator at your company.) ” error may be displayed.


The domain of the email address being used to register a new account may be restricted from registering a new Free Plan account due to the Account registration restriction function.


Check that your company is subscribed to the Paid plan.

If you are, ask your company’s “team administrator” to Add a member.

If you are unable to check which plan you are subscribed to, please send an inquiry using the Chat support at the bottom right of the CloudSign website.


  • If you have received a document with an High-level authentication request function, the same error is displayed as when the specified recipient does not have an account and their email address has a domain that is restricted from registering an account.

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