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I cannot receive emails (cell phone email)
I cannot receive emails (cell phone email)
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* This page is about receiving emails from the CloudSign electronic contract service.

There are three main reasons why you might be unable to receive emails from CloudSign.

  1. The email was sent to an incorrect email address

  2. The email was rejected due to email settings

  3. The email was blocked by the server due to some type of defect

First, ask the sender to check whether the email was sent to the right email address. If the email address is correct, check your incoming mail settings.

There may be multiple incoming mail settings depending on your mobile network carrier, so check all the settings before requesting the sender to issue a reminder.

For docomo

For au

See here for settings to unblock all spam email

For SoftBank

If you still cannot receive emails after completing the settings above, we will investigate the cause.

Please notify us of the device you are using, OS version, and email application through the chat support at the bottom right of CloudSign.

See here if you are using an email application other than a cell phone email.

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