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Bulkediting document information

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Document information can be exported and edited in bulk as a CSV file. This can help to reduce the amount of time and effort required for entering each single field of document information.

Documents can also be filtered with search conditions or by status, so you can change document information of only the relevant documents shown on the screen.


  • Only document administrators can bulk edit document information from “Manage documents.”

  • The maximum number of documents that can be edited is 50 documents which is the maximum number displayed on one page.

Operation method

1. Filter the documents you want to export with search conditions or by status, and click “Download CSV” at the top right of Manage/Manage documents list.

2. Verify the character code, and download the CSV file. See here for details on the character code.

3. The downloaded CSV file contains previously entered document information.

Use Excel or similar software if you want to edit any information.

* Do not change the document ID, as doing so may cause errors.

4. After you have completed entering information, upload that CSV file to CloudSign.

Click “Upload CSV file” at the top right of Manage/Manage documents list.

5. When the following screen is shown, upload the CSV file you prepared in the previous steps.

* See here if an error occurs.

6. After the file has been uploaded, the document is updated with the edited document information. This completes the bulk editing process for document information.

The following will occur after bulk editing of document information has been completed.

  • A change notification email is sent to all “document administrators”

  • Entered document information can also be used as a search condition to filter documents.

  • An “alert date” will be specified automatically if a contract end date or cancellation notification deadline have been specified during the bulk editing process.

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