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Issuing a certificate of contract conclusion
Issuing a certificate of contract conclusion
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A certificate of contract conclusion is a certificate issued under the name of, Inc., the company that operates “CloudSign.” This certificate allows others to quickly verify what documents were consented by whom and when.

Concluded contracts are applied with a unique document ID at the bottom left of the document.

The certificate of contract conclusion includes the same document ID, so checking that this document ID matches means the combination of concluded “document files” and “certificate of contract conclusion” can be verified.


Information recorded on the certificate of contract conclusion

  • Actions taken by the relevant parties to the concluded contract, such as sending, consenting and forwarding

  • The names and email addresses of the relevant parties to the concluded contract

  • Authentication method for relevant parties to the concluded contract


  • The certificate can only be downloaded by users who have a CloudSign account.

  • Users without an account (document recipients) can download the certificate by registering an account with CloudSign.

  • The authentication method recorded for the relevant parties of the concluded contract agreement is the method they used to login to CloudSign when documents were sent and successfully concluded.

  • If you are using two-factor authentication or the SSO function (IdP authentication), to ensure that the authentication method for relevant parties to the concluded agreement (two-factor authentication/IdP authentication) is updated correctly after October 29, 2020, you must log in again to update your login status.

Operation method

1. From “Concluded documents” or “Manage documents (document administrators only)”, click the applicable document to display the “Document ovierview screen.”

2. Click “Download” on the center right of the screen, and click “Certificate of contractagreement conclusion.”

3. This completes the download process.

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