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About CloudSign
About CloudSign
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CloudSign is a service operated by, Inc., Inc. was founded in 2005 and began operating the free legal advice website “” In December of 2014, the company was listed on the Mothers section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

We have been offering specialized legal technology services for 15 years, long before the term “LegalTech” was ever coined.

After releasing a digital contract service in 2015, our goal was to move Japan from a culture of using paper and personal seals to using digital contracts, expanding the market not only through simple business operations but also through proposals to governments and efforts to raise public awareness.

Today, we have grown to serve a large number of customers, with our services being integrated by more than 80,000 companies in 89 countries, and we’re still just getting started.

Reviews from actual customers show that a high quality UI and versatile API were the big factors behind them choosing CloudSign. CloudSign has also achieved seamless linkages with various services, linkages with core systems, and linkages with on-premises software, of our customers. All the above ties in to why we have the largest market share in Japan.

In regards to our information security management system (ISMS), we became ISO 27001 certified in October 2016, meaning customers can have peace of mind using our services, as we strive to uphold the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

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