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CloudSign Credibility & Structure
CloudSign Credibility & Structure
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Adding the electronic signature of CloudSign, operated by, Inc., to a document gives the agreement credibility.

All agreement documents concluded through CloudSign are given an electronic signature only issuable by CloudSign, with which one can prove the validity of the document.

The electronic signatures used for CloudSign are digital signatures based on public-key cryptography that is protected by a strong encryption scheme.

Also, when an agreement is concluded, a “certificate of agreement conclusion” stating information of the document, such as the registered name of the parties and the title of the document and the conclusion date and time will be issued by, Inc.

This certificate allows one to easily verify the date and time (at the minute level) that the sender and recipient confirmed the document, as well as their email addresses upon conclusion.

■ Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures define the author of the electronic file (in the case of this service, the operating company, Inc.) and are encrypted to prove that the file has not been tampered with. They prove “who” and “what” of the related document technologically.

CloudSign uses the highly trusted Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL).

The following data is recorded when using this service’s electronic signatures.

The electronic signature information can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) when opening a pdf file. Please check here for more details.

Information included in electronic signatures and their purpose

・The date and time that the sender and recipient confirmed the document

・The email addresses of the sender and recipient

・Verification that the file has not been tampered with after conclusion (tamper-proof)

■ Timestamps

A timestamp is a digital verification of time that is issued by a qualified authority.

Timestamping a document proves “when” and “what” was concluded technologically.

Timestamps show:

・Electronic data existed at the timestamp’s determined point in time (proof of existence)

・Electronic data has not been tampered with since the timestamp’s determined point in time (tamper-proof)

CloudSign uses the AMANO Timestamp Service 3161 (by AMANO Corporation), designated as a TSA (Time Stamping Authority) by the Act on Special Provisions concerning Preservation Methods for Books and Documents Related to National Tax Prepared by Means of Computers. Adding a timestamp extends the validity of an electronic signature to up to 10 years.

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