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Account registration restriction function
Account registration restriction function

Business Plan,Enterprise Plan

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* This function is still available for users subscribed to the Standard Plan before March 2019.

Restrictions can be applied in order to prevent employees without an account from creating a free account and concluding contracts by themselves.

This function maintains internal control at a company and strengthens compliance.

Company A

Department using CloudSign

Other employees cannot register own accounts

Register a Free Plan account

Registering a Free Plan account with a registered company domain using account registration restriction results in an error being displayed.

Note that restrictions are placed on account registrations with the domains specified when you apply to use the Business Plan.

Receiving documents with high-level authentication requests specified

Errors are displayed in the following cases when specifying a recipient who does not have an account and whose email address has a domain that is restricted from registering an account.

See here for more details about advanced authentication request function

Resolving errors

Check that your company is subscribed to the Standard Plan or higher plan.

If you are, ask your company’s “team administrator” to Add a member.

If you are unable to check which plan you are subscribed to, inquire using the Chat screen at the bottom right of CloudSign.

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