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Entering document information

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Various types of document information for managing contracts can be entered and managed on CloudSign.

Using this function not only allows various types of information on the document such as the date of contract, contract period, whether or not automatic renewal is enabled, and the transaction amount to be managed in a centralized manner on CloudSign, but also means items specific to each company, such as customer management number or name of sales staff can be specified and managed, which eliminates the need to manage contracts using Excel or similar applications that are commonly used.


How to enter information

Document information can be entered when sending documents, while sending documents, or after documents have been concluded.This means that you can add or change document informationfor documents concluded in the past.

* Document information can be entered in bulk by an administrator with document administrator rights using “batch editing document information” in the manage documents list.

Entering information when sending documents

1. Click “Upload new document” or “Prepare document from template.”

2. Click “Enter document information” to optionally enter information.

Note that if “make item required” is selected for user defined document information, the relevant items must always be entered in this screen.

The following information is also visible to recipients (*1).

(*1. Only when the recipient is subscribed to the Paid Plan)

  • Title

  • Date of contract: please enter the date of contract stated on the contract

  • Contract start date

  • Contract end date

  • Whether or not automatic renewal is enabled

The following information is for management purposes at your company, and is not visible to recipients.

  • Cancellation notification deadline: if a contract is renewed automatically, specifying the cancellation application deadline means the contracts with deadlines approaching can be searched or checked. The alert function for “document administrators” uses this date information.

  • Management number

  • Transaction amountName of contract parties: name, company, etc.

  • User defined items: Input can be set asrequired/optional when sending documents.

Entering information while sending documents/after concluded

1. Select the document you want to enter information from “Being verified by recipient,” “Verification required,” “Concluded,” or “Manage documents,” depending on the status and click “Edit” at the bottom of the screen.

2. Document iInformation can be added or changed.

If information has been added or changed while sending documents/after concluding documents, a notification email is sent to the following parties involved.

  • The person who made changes by editing document information

  • The “document administrator” of the team of the person who made changes by editing document information

  • Senders or recipients in the same team as the person linked to the document who made changes

Document information is only managed/shared within the same team.

Note that the following “items disclosed to recipients” entered by the sender when sending documents are not shown on or notified to each other’s screen if changes are made after concluding documents.

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