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Deleting/canceling accounts
Deleting/canceling accounts
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Free Plan users

Please inquire using the Chat screen at the bottom right.

Charges are never automatically applied with the Free Plan, so you can continue to keep your account even if you do not use it.


  • Deleting your account will mean you can no longer check any of your documents. Please make sure you save documents on your computer or other device beforehand.

Paid plan users

Deleting member accounts can only be done by “team administrators.”

The method used to cancel team accounts differs depending on the type of the plan, so please check using the Chat screen.

The Paid plan are based on annual contracts, and canceling midway will still incur any remaining monthly fees.

See here about your documents after canceling your account.


  • “Team administrators” cannot change or delete the rights of their own account. As such, request another “team administrator” to change or delete your account. If there are no other administrators other than yourself, inquire using the Chat screen at the bottom right of CloudSign.

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