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Centralized management of documents sent and received using CloudSign
Centralized management of documents sent and received using CloudSign

Paid Plan, document administrator

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The Free Plan is only for one user, however an unlimited number of members within a company can be added to accounts signed up for Paid Plan.

In such cases, the document administrator can manage all documents that have been sent and received (excluding confidential documents) in a centralized manner.

Operation method

The steps for managing documents are as follows.

Log into CloudSign, click your name at the top right and open the Manage Settings Screen.

From the management account menu, select “管理書類(Manage documents)”.

The following can be verified in the manage documents list:

  • How many of the recipients have consented to a specific document so far

  • Whether or not the next recipient has opened the document

  • Date and time the document was opened, concluded or rejected

  • Contract start date, end date, and alert date entered as document information

The title of documents or email addresses can be entered into the search bar at the top of the screen to find documents you want to check. See here for how to search for documents.

Documents can also be filtered by types of document status (in progress, concluded, rejected, <*1> Imported document).

<*1> Imported documents can be used if you have subscribed to a separate service. Please submit an inquiry here for more details.


  • Confidential documents sent and received within your own team can be viewed and managed by the confidential document administrator.

  • The search item for "書類の種類(Document type)" will not be displayed if you have only one of the document management authority and confidential document management authority.

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