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The privileges that have been granted to you can be checked under “privileges” in “Personal Settings” in the Management Screen.


  • This page outlines how to check privileges granted to you out of the privileges granted to your team. See here for details of how to check privileges for other teams.

  • The “privileges” item is not displayed if you have not been granted any privileges.

Types of privileges

There are six types of privileges that can be granted to your team, and multiple privileges can be granted.

Editing privileges

To edit privileges, request a member with the editing privileges for each type of privilege.

(Members cannot edit their own privileges.)

  • For 1., 2., 3., 4., and 6. above, request the “team administrator” of your own team to edit these privileges. See here for details on how to grant/revoke privileges.

  • For 5. above, request the “SSO administrator role” to edit this privilege. See here for details on how to grant/revoke privileges.

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