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Register an account with CloudSign
Register an account with CloudSign
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You must register an account with CloudSign in order to send documents.

If you are only receiving documents sent to you from CloudSign (to consent or verify), you can consent to them without registering an account.

See here for details on how to receive documents.


  • This page outlines how to create an account with the Free Plan. See here for details on how to add accounts (members) with paid plans.

  • The recommended operating environment for sending documents is only using PCs. Please also use a PC when registering an account. See here for the recommended operating environment.

  • If the documents you have received are specified with high-level authentication request functions, you will need to register an account. See here for more details.

Operation method

1. Access the CloudSign account registration page (

<PC Version>

<Smart Phone Version>

2. Enter your email address and password, and click the “Register new account (free)” button.

<PC Version>

<Smart Phone Version>

  • Precautions when entering a password

Enter a password that meets the required conditions. See here for details of the conditions.

Even if Password safety: High is displayed, a new account cannot be registered unless the four password conditions are met.

Conditions that have been met will be shown as completed, and the color will change to green.

  • If an error statement is displayed

The email address is incorrect.

The @ symbol may be entered as a double-byte character.

Cannot register this email address. Check with your company’s administrator.

See here for more details.

3. A registration email is sent to the entered email address. Click the “Complete registration” button shown in the email.

4. The “Account Registration Confirmation” screen is displayed. Enter your password and click the “Register” button to register your account.

5. This completes the account registration process.

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