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The recipient cannot press the “Consent to document” button
The recipient cannot press the “Consent to document” button
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There are two possible causes for why the recipient cannot consent to a document.

See here if there is no consent button.

1. Not using the recommended operating environment

If the recipient is not using a recommended operating environment, CloudSign may not operate properly.

Please use CloudSign under the recommended operating environment.

2. There are incomplete items in “Your input fields”

The recipient will not be able to press the consent button if there are specified items that have not been entered.

See here for details on how senders can check the recipient’s input status.

Recipients can check the input status of their own input fields by checking “Your input fields” from the side bar on the left.

Please be extra careful not to miss any input fields, particularly when multiple files are attached or there are multiple pages.

Note that clicking input fields jumps to the section with the specified fields.

The “Consent to document” button will be grayed out and unavailable if there are incomplete input fields remaining.

The consent button changes from gray to pink when all input fields have been entered, and the recipient can then press the button.

In the last step, a confirmation screen will be displayed, so click the “Agree and finalize” button. The document will be successfully concluded at this point, and an electronic signature will be applied to the document.

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